Community Portraits: Setting Up Community Portraits

Including portraits in the yearbook this year is a bit of a challenge. TreeRing to the rescue! This new feature allows students and parents to upload their own portrait photo which can be automatically added to your yearbook. (Portrait Auto Flow is still available for portraits taken by your photographer.)

Below are the instructions for Chief Editors to enable and use this feature. Here is the article for Students and Parents: Uploading a Portrait Photo of Your Child

1. The Portraits option is now in the side navigation.

Community_Portraits_-_Portraits_Selection.png2. Select which portraits you will be working with.

Professional Portraits - This is where you will import photographer portraits using Portrait Auto Flow.

Community Portraits - This is where you will enable your school community to upload their own portraits.

Community_Portraits_-_Enable_Community_Portraits.png3. You will need to set up Community Portraits so the portraits are uploaded correctly. Select Save when you have made your selections.

  • The uploaded portraits can be saved by Grade, Teacher, or Group
  • Portraits can be uploaded for students in all grades or only particular grades


Note: When saving the portraits by teacher, click on Add/Edit Teachers if you need to update your teacher list.

4. Review your settings and edit them if needed.


5. Community Portrait folders will appear when portraits have been uploaded. (If you do not see a folder, it means that no one in your school community has uploaded portraits.) You can filter your portrait folders by All, Professional, Community, Disabled in Book, Enabled in Book, and you can filter by year.


6. From this location editors can Add a Community Portrait.



  • Community Portraits are user based which means that they tie in with your Students & Parents and Teachers & Others lists. Having these lists up to date with correct information will eliminate issues with uploading portraits to the correct grade or teacher folder.
  • Only one portrait can be uploaded per individual.
  • Community Portraits can't be uploaded directly into an existing folder. The portrait is uploaded based on the individual's information (grade and teacher) in the community lists.
  • Individual's information can be updated directly from the portrait located in the Community Portraits folders.
  • Community Portraits can't be moved from page to page in edit yearbook. The individual's information (grade or teacher) needs to be changed and the portrait will automatically move to the correct folder/page.
  • You can use both Professional and Community portraits. Community Portraits can be added to your Professional portrait pages but Professional portraits can't be added to your Community Portrait pages.


  1. If you have all or a majority of the portraits from a photographer, use Professional Portraits (Portrait Auto Flow).
  2. If you do not have any portraits collected from your photographer or your community, use Community Portraits to have the parents upload portraits.
  3. If you do not have a significant majority of photographer or community portraits, use Professional Portraits.
  4. If you have collected all or a majority of the portraits from your community, use Professional Portraits.





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