Adding Signatures to Custom Pages


The Signatures feature is where you can electronically sign your friend's yearbook with a personal message. And they can sign your yearbook! Here is how to send, receive, and request Signatures:

Sending, Receiving, and Requesting Signatures

Signatures will not automatically be added to your yearbook. You will need to add them to your custom pages so they will print in your yearbook.

1. In the main area of your homepage, select Build Custom Pages.


2. Step 1 is Add Photos. Find your photos in the correct photo source. If you do not want to add photos select Skip.


3. Step 2 is Add Memories. Answer the Memories that you want to add to your custom pages. If you do not want to add Memories, select Skip.


4. Step 3 is adding Signatures. Select the Signatures you want added to the custom pages and select Build Pages.


5. Click on the pages if you want to rearrange the content.


6. You can also add more Photos, Memories, Signatures, Text, and Graphics.


Note: Signatures are attached to students and can only be added to their own custom pages. If you have more than one child at the school you are not able to add the Signatures for each child to one book.

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