Emailing Photos to Shared Photo Folders

Editors can set up Shared Photo Folders to organize photos for the yearbook. You may be contacted by an Editor at your school requesting photos which will potentially be used in the yearbook. Emailing photos directly into Shared Photo Folders is now an option.

1. An Editor will provide a link to parents for the email. The link will look something like this.

2. Using the email address provided will send the photos into a specific shared photo folder. When you click on the link your email will open to create a new message. The link name is who the email will be sent to. You do not need to enter anything in the subject line or in the body of the email. The photos need to be attached to the email. Do not add them to the body of the email.

Important! The photos must be sent using your TreeRing account email. This is the email that you use to log into TreeRing. If you do not use the correct email, the photos will not be added to the photo folder.

3. After you send the your photos you will receive an automated confirmation email.



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