Community Portraits: Using Both Community and Professional Portraits

This year some of your students may have been able to have their portrait taken by your photographer. Other students may have uploaded their portraits using Community Portraits. You can combine and use the portraits from both sources.

1. Select Portraits.

Community_Portraits_-_Portraits_Selection.png2. Select Import Photos if you have portraits from your photographer and want to use Portrait Auto Flow.


3. Once Professional Portraits and Community Portraits have been imported/added you will see the folders where the portraits are located.

Community_Portraits_-_Both_Folders_Showing.pngNote: Community Portraits can be added to Professional portrait pages but Professional Portraits can't be added to Community portrait pages.

Combining Professional and Community Portraits in Folders

1. Select the professional folder and select Add.


2. Select Add Portraits.


3. Select Portraits as the photo source.


4. Filter to the correct community folder. Select the portrait and select Add Photos.


5. You can edit the student's name here if necessary. Select Done.


6. Another way to combine the portraits is to go to the Community Portrait folder and copy/move them to the appropriate professional folder. Select Move.


Important: After copying or moving community portraits to professional portraits, disable the community portrait folder so it does not appear in the yearbook as a separate page.

Combining Professional and Community Portraits on Pages

1. Go to the professional portrait page and select Portraits.


2. Select Add/Edit Portraits.


3. Select Add Portraits.


4. Select the Portraits folder as your photo source.


5. Select the portrait and Add Photos.


6. You can edit the student name if necessary and select Done.


7. The portrait will be added to the page in the correct order.



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