Uploading a Portrait Photo of Your Child


Each year the student portrait photos are a highly anticipated part of the yearbook. If your child was unable to have a professional portrait taken this year for the yearbook, don't worry! You can upload a portrait photo of your child so that it will be included in your school's yearbook. Here's how you can upload a portrait:

1. Log in and make sure your child's name is at the top of the main area of your homepage.


2. Scroll down to Add a Recent Portrait of your child. Select Add a Recent Portrait.


3. When selecting a photo from your photo source, follow these guidelines to ensure a great portrait for the yearbook.

  • Photo should only be from the shoulders up
  • Only one person in the image
  • Use a simple background that does not distract from your child
  • Vertical portrait photo orientation (not landscape)
  • Smile!


4. Photo Editor will open for your photo. This is where you can crop the photo. Keep the resolution at 3:4 and move the box to how you want the photo cropped. Select Save when you are done.


5. You will see the photo was uploaded and shows on your homepage.


6. Click on the 3 dots and you can:

  • Change Photo - Add a different portrait photo
  • Edit Photo - Go to Photo Editor
  • Delete Photo - Delete the portrait photo and start over


The portrait photo will automatically be uploaded so the yearbook editor can add it to the yearbook.  If you are unable to change, edit or delete the photo that means the book has went to print.  

Note: Only one portrait can be uploaded for each student.




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