Creating Custom Pages on a Mobile Browser

TreeRing can be accessed on mobile browsers. We recommend that you download and use Chrome browser.

Here is how you can create custom pages on a mobile browser:

Notes:  You are not able to click on a page spread to add content. You can work on custom pages while logged into your account on a computer or on a mobile browser. You will see the same pages at both locations.

1. Go to to log into your account.


2. After you log in you will be on your homepage where you can buy the yearbook and create custom pages. Make sure your correct child is listed at the top before you buy the book and create the custom pages. If you have more than one child at the same school, use the Kid Switcher to select the correct child.


3. Scroll down to customize your child's yearbook. Select Edit Custom Pages.


4. You will see the deadline date to finish your custom pages. You can also buy the yearbook.


5. Scroll down to see the 2 free custom pages and select Build Pages.


6. Step 1 - Add Photos. You will see these photo sources. Select the one where your photos are saved.

  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • My Device
    Photos already uploaded to TreeRing:
  • My Photos
  • Likes
  • Shared Photos

If you do not want to add photos to your custom pages, select Skip.


7. You will see the photos you added for your custom pages under the photo sources. When all the photos have been added that you want on the pages, select Next.


8. Step 2 - Add Memories. Add some fun facts about your child by answering Memories. Answered Memories will be added to your custom pages. If you do not want to add memories to your custom pages, select Skip.


9. You will see the Memories which were answered for your custom pages under the Memories. When all the Memories have been answered that you want on the pages, select Next.


10. Step 3 - Add Signatures. If you have received Signatures from your friends, select to add them to your custom pages.


11. The photos, Memories, and Signatures will automatically be added to custom pages. You will not have the ability to select the placement of the content. The maximum number of content is 6 per page, 12 per page spread. You will now see the custom pages which were created. Scroll down to see all of the custom pages.


12. Use the trashcan to delete a page and if you want to add more pages, select Build Pages.


13. Tap to open a page spread and you can:

Add Photos


Change the Page Layout - The page layout options will match the number of photos you have on the pages. For example, if you have 8 photos on a page spread you will only see the layout options for 8 photos on a page spread.


Add Memories


Add Signatures


Note:  Photos, Memories, and Signatures are added to a page by tapping on them. To remove them from a page, tap them again.


14. If you add content and it shifts your layout in a way that you do not like, select the Undo button.


15. Tap on a photo which has been placed on a page and you can remove it or add a caption.


16. Remember that you must buy the yearbook and pay for any extra custom pages for them to be printed in your book. Unpaid extra pages will have the $0.99 banner on them.










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