Polls - Create and Add to Yearbook Pages

Polls are a fun way to get students involved with the yearbook! Polls can now be created by Chief Editors for the school community. They will respond to poll questions and we will consolidate the results so graphs are available to add to the yearbook.

Creating a Poll

1. Log in and select Community Content.


2. Enable Polls and select Go to Polls.


3. Select Create New Poll.


4. Creating a Poll consists of 5 sections.

  1. Poll Question- Enter your own or Choose One of Ours. Our Polls can be filtered by Elementary, Middle School, and Seniors to easily find a poll question.
  2. Who Will See This Poll? - Select who will be able to see and answer the poll.
  3. Start and End Dates - Set dates for when the poll starts and when it ends.
  4. Response Type - Set your fixed responses or name auto-fill (make sure your student and teacher lists are up to date).
  5. Showing Data - Select if students can see the poll data after answering a poll.


5. Create the poll and select Save Poll.


6. Are you sure you want to create this poll? Select Create Poll.


7. On the polls landing page you will see all of your polls (in progress, not started, ended). Click on the 3 Options dots to Edit, Share, Duplicate, or Delete the Poll.


Edit Poll - Polls can be edited before the start date but once it starts, only the end date can be edited.

Share Poll - A link to the poll response page will be copied to your clipboard so you can share the poll. This link will take users to their TreeRing Account to see the poll.


Duplicate Poll - This will copy a poll except for the start and end date (the start date will default to the copy date and the end date will be 3 months later).


Delete Poll - A poll can be deleted at any time. All poll data will be lost including poll responses.


Adding Polls to Yearbook Pages

1. Go to the page where you want to add the poll. Select Community Content.


2. Drag and drop the poll onto the page.


3. Polls can be resized on the page just like graphics. You can changed the display of the poll. Click on the poll and in Options select Poll Display Settings.


4. In Poll Display you can change:

  • Chart Type (bar vertical, bar horizontal, pie)
  • Question Font
  • Results Font
  • Number of Results
  • Results Color
  • Background Color


Take a Poll!

1. Students and Parents will see the poll option in the main area of their homepage. The Answer Now! button needs to be selected.

Note: Only students in the grades you selected for the polls will see the Take a Poll option on their homepage.


2. Students can answer the polls they want and select Submit for each poll.


3. The answers to the polls can be changed by selecting Change Answer until the end date you have set. Students can also Share Poll. This works just like editors sharing a poll with copying a link to their clipboard.














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