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Email Photos Directly Into A Photo Folder

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  • Lauren Rauseo

    I’m confused. It says the person’s email address doesn’t need to be activated to work (not sure what activated means?) but then it says if someone outside school community uses it, then it won’t be uploaded to the shared folder. So how does it know the difference between an inactivated parent email and a random person’s email?

  • Debbie

    Hi Lauren - I'm sorry for the confusion. Basically parents need to be entered into the school community with an email address to be able to email photos to a folder. When a parent is added to the community they will receive an invitation email so they can activate their email/account. Parents who have not gone through the activation process can still email photos to folders because their email is in our system.

  • Lauren Rauseo

    Ahh got it, thanks!

  • Debbie

    You are most welcome, Lauren!