Baby Photos - Enable and Add to Pages

Baby photos are always a fun addition to the yearbook. We have made it easy for you to collect baby photos from parents and students and add them to your yearbook.

1. Log in and select Community Content.


2. Enable Baby Photos and select Go to Baby Photos.


3. Baby photos can be uploaded for all students at the school or for only particular grades. Select Edit Settings to select the grades and then select Save.



4. The photo folders will update to the grade(s) you selected. This is where you will be able to find uploaded baby photos. Select the Grade folder or the All Baby Photos folder.


5. To find photos, you can show All, Used, and Unused photos and you can sort by Alphabetical, Date Taken, or Uploaded Date.


This is how parents can upload baby photos.

Uploading Baby Photos

6. If parents are unable to upload baby photos and send them to you, select Add Photo.


7. Who is this baby photo for? Start adding the student's name and you will see the options for students who do not already have a baby photo uploaded and is in the correct grade. Click on the student and then Select.


8. Select a photo source to Add a Baby Pic.


9. Once you select the photo, Photo Editor will open. If necessary edit the photo and select Save when done.


Adding Baby Photos to pages.

1. Go to the page spread where you want to add baby photos. Select Community Content.


2. Select Baby Photos.


3. Now you can drag and drop the baby photos onto the pages. Use Filter and Display Options to make it easier to find the baby photo you want to use.



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