Homepage Layout Change

The homepage for editors has been redesigned. This homepage layout change makes it easier for you, as an editor, to keep your editor capabilities separate from your personal book options. 

When you log in you will land on Edit Yearbook and see the school yearbook on the main area of the page. Scroll down to see all the school yearbooks for previous years. Your personal yearbooks or children's yearbooks are no longer included in this area.


There is now an option in the side navigation for your personal book or your child's book. You will either see My Yearbooks or Kid Yearbooks, depending on whether you have a child at the school.



Select My Yearbooks and you will see your personal book for the current year and all of your books for previous years.

Select Kid Yearbooks and you will see your child's book for the current year and all of their books for previous years. If you have more than one child at the school, select between them by using the Kid Switcher.


In My Yearbook or Kid Yearbooks you can:

  • Purchase your personal book or your child's book
  • Create custom pages
  • Buy a yearbook ad (if you are allowing this for the school)
  • Sign a friend's yearbook
  • Request a signature
  • Access and share photos
  • Purchase books for previous years










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