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TreeRing is super excited to introduce you to Photo Books! These books are personal books and are not related to any school yearbook.

Photo Books are perfect for reliving your most precious moments. You can add photos from your phone, computer, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, or Instagram. If you want collaboration, you can give anyone you want access to your Photo Book so they can add their own photos and pages.

Note:  Photo Books must have a minimum of 20 pages and no more than 412 pages.

1. Photo Books is now an option in the side navigation bar. Select Photo Books.


2. Select New Photo Book.


3. Step 1 - Name Your Photo Book. Type in the name and select Next.


4. Content Builder will open so you can drag and drop photos to upload. You can also upload photos from photo sources. Currently there can be up to 6 photos on a page. Select Build Book after photos have been added. If you want to skip Content Builder and create the pages by adding photos directly, select Build Book.


Arrange Page View

You will see these options on the upper left side of the page.


  1. Preview - preview all the pages
  2. Photos - view uploaded photos and add photos
  3. Styles - view and select book styles
  4. Invite - invite other people to collaborate on the book
  5. Settings - change the name of the book and duplicate or delete the book

Edit the Photo Book

Pages will not auto populate. Only the cover and pages 1 and 2 will automatically show. All other pages will need to be added manually or via the Content Builder.

  1. Click on a page to edit. Just like with Custom Pages, backgrounds can be added and changed, layout can be used, photos can be added to pages one at a time, text and graphics can be added to pages.
  2. Add more pages (Build Pages or Add a Blank Page)
  3. Switch to page spreads or a single page so you can move the page(s).
  4. You will not be able to use photos from yearbook custom pages unless the photos are Liked. You will find them in Photos>Photo Sources>My Likes.
  5. Foil & Emboss is available for the cover of the Photo Book.


Purchase the Photo Book

Note:  The book must be a minimum of 20 pages and you must be done editing before buying the book.

1. Select See Book Options & Buy


2. Select book size and cover.

  • Small Softcover 5.5" x 7.5" =     $9.99
  • Small Hardcover 6" x 7.5" =     $14.99
  • Large Hardcover 8.5" x 11" =   $19.99
  • Extra page spreads are $0.25 per spread


3. The book is added to your cart.


  • You can create more than one book and add them to the cart to checkout once.
  • The checkout process is the same as for yearbooks. Shipping will be charged and you can select the shipping method.
  • All books are shipped to homes
  • Method of payments are Credit Card and PayPal


All orders for Photo Books will be included in My Orders.



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