Fundraiser Changes Beginning in 2020-2021

Due to cost increases in many areas of our business, we are no longer able to absorb the fees and charges associated with the collection and distribution of Fundraiser funds for your school.

These changes are being implemented for the 2020-2021 school year and include the following:

  1. Administrative Fee: TreeRing will charge an administrative fee of 5% on Fundraiser funds collected on online orders. This equates to $0.05 per dollar collected.
    • Example: If your Core Book Price is $10.00, and you include a $2.00 fundraiser, the total price charged to your customer will be $12.00. You will receive $1.90 for each book sold, and $0.10 (5%) will be collected by TreeRing.
  2. Fundraiser Discounts: The Fundraiser on books sold during our discount months (August through October), as well as any book purchased using a percent discount coupon, will have the fundraiser reduced by the percentage discount (we previously did NOT discount the fundraiser). 
    • Example: if your Core Book Price is $18.00 and you include a $2.00 fundraiser, the total price charged to your school community will be $20.00. If the person preorders a book in August-September, they will receive a 10% discount on the total book price which in this case is $2.00 and will pay $18.00. The Fundraiser collected on this order will be $1.80 ($2.00 less the $0.20 (10%) discount). The above administrative fee will then be assessed (5%) and a total of $1.71 will be the total amount received by your organization ($1.80 less the $0.09 (5%) administrative fee collected by TreeRing). 
  3. Fundraiser Cap Removed: We are removing the cap for the fundraiser amount collected for each book sold. Previously we had a $20.00 limit for the fundraiser amount due to the high costs associated with collection and distribution. We are now able to offer your organization the ability to add any amount you wish as a fundraiser to your book!

Additional detailed reporting on Fundraiser collection is now available for you. This will enable you to see all the money collected and spent for your fundraiser. Check out this article for the details.

Fundraiser Breakdown Page

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