Promotional Discounts for Fall Early Purchases

The Fall is a great time for you and your school community to order yearbooks! You will receive these discounts when ordering early in the school year:

August 1st - September 30th = 10%

October 1st - October 31st = 5%

During the months of August, September,  and October when placing online orders the price of the book will reflect these discounts. The discount is calculated on the cost of the yearbook and does not apply to hardcover upgrades or extra custom pages.

If you place a bulk order for the school you will need to pay for the books during these months to receive the discounts. The appropriate discount will be applied when the order is paid. For example, if you place an invoice order in September you will not get the 10% discount unless you pay the invoice on or before September 30th.

If you have set up a fundraiser amount, the discount is calculated on the total cost of the book (core price + fundraiser). The discount will be applied to both the Fundraiser collected and the core book price. This means that on all discounted orders you will collect the fundraiser amount discounted by the promotional percentage. 

  • Example: If your core book price is $18.00 and you include a $2.00 fundraiser, the total price for parents will be $20.00. If the parents preorder a book in August or September, they will receive a 10% discount on the total book price which is $2.00 and will pay $18.00.

    The Fundraiser collected on this order will be $1.80:  $2.00 less $0.20 (the 10% discount). The 5% fundraiser administrative fee will then be assessed and a total of $1.71 will be the total fundraiser amount received by your organization:  $1.80 less $0.09 (the 5% administrative fee collected by TreeRing). 
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