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Update the Shipping Address for Ship to Home Orders

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  • Aaron Greco

    *** PLEASE NOTE: This option has to be enabled by your school first. If you don't see the option to edit the address, it is not enabled for your school. ***
    If you believe your school has enabled ship to home and you still can't edit the address on a previous order. Contact us at or call 877-755-TREE

  • Lisa Sathre

    You can't make the changes on the help website. You have to log into the original TreeRing website to access your orders. Took me a bit to figure that out, too.

  • Debbie

    Hi Lisa - Yes, any changes to your profile or orders can only be done by logging into your account at So glad you figured it out!

  • Julie Lounsbury

    If you are having trouble changing the address on your phone, try flipping your phone horizontally and the edit address pops up.

  • Debbie

    Hi Julie - Thanks for the tip!

  • Sarah Peterson

    Or switch your phone browser to Desktop mode to see the Edit link in your order. I had to do that; flipping my phone wasn't working.

  • Debbie

    Hi Sarah - Another good tip! Thanks!

  • Aaron Greco

    We're getting it fixed so you can see the "Edit Address" link without having to rotate your phone. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Leanne Swanson Pinedo

    Hi It let me put in ship to home as I was purchasing I am wondering if it was too easy and something went wrong but I checked my order and it looks good says will deliver to my address

  • Debbie

    Hi Leanne - When a school has already set the orders to ship to home parents will be prompted to enter their shipping address when purchasing the book. It is meant to be easy and glad to hear it was for you!

  • Julie Odell

    This is above in the instructions...

    *** PLEASE NOTE: This option has to be enabled by your school first. If you don't see the option to edit the address, it is not enabled for your school. ***

  • Rhonda Haymes

    If you are having trouble updating the address, go back to the email sent by the principal, and click the link at the bottom of the email to get to the main page of sign in and follow the steps in the first link. The first link in the email that says "Follow this link..." is just going to take you to the help center and I could find a way back to the original/full site. I went back to the email and clicked the 2nd link at the bottom after the greeting. I believe it just says "treating login" or something to that effect typed as a hyperlink.

  • Debbie

    Debbie here with TreeRing. Thanks Julie for reminding everyone that first the school needs to enable the ship to home option. If that is not enabled, parents will not see the option to edit the shipping address for their order. If anyone is having trouble accessing TreeRing using the links in emails just open your browser and go to to log into your account.

  • Gina Salazar

    Worked great, very easy!! Thank you for this option!!!

  • Debbie

    Hi Gina - Thanks to you for your feedback!

  • Kristie Koons

    I am having problems changing my address for my one sons yearbook. Hunter's order says its already shipped. I was able to change Colten to my home address. Please help. Kristie Koons

  • Debbie

    Hi Kristie - When I checked your 2020 order the address for both of your sons is the same. Please check it again.

  • Scott Adleman

    I don't even see the side bar to get to orders. I tried in both Chrome and Safari.

  • Debbie

    Hi Scott - I tried to take a peek at your account but we must have an old email for you. Have you tried troubleshooting on your computer? If you continue to have issues please contact customer support.

  • Vida Parsi

    Lisa Sathre, thank you for your help!

  • Romeo Cueto

    this is not working for me neither

  • Debbie

    Hi Romeo - I checked your account, followed the steps in this article and I am able to see your order to edit your address. Make sure you are doing this on your computer or a browser on a mobile device.

  • Susan Seibert

    Hi. I’ve logged in... I’m able to edit the yearbooks and it shows that they are purchased (1 for each of my 2 children), but I need to add a shipping address and if I click on my orders, it says I have no orders.

  • Debbie

    Hi Susan - The orders for your 2 children were placed by an editor at the school. Since you did not place the orders they will not show up in My Orders for you. I will contact you directly via email to assist you with changing the address for the orders.

  • Sandhya Sriram

    Hi. This is my first time getting a year book for the 5 year old daughter (kindergartener). I am a foreign national and so I'm new to this whole process. I have already bought the yearbook from So my question is do we upload pictures of our kids and treering will have them printed for us or does the school itself add pictures of our kids and treering prints them?


  • Debbie

    Hi Sandhya - Welcome to TreeRing! You will upload photos and create your daughter's custom pages which will print only in her yearbook. Here is a link to the section in our Help Center which will show you how you can create the custom pages:

  • Niri Bensadon

    I"m looking for verbiage of how to update the home address in order to send to parents through custom email. Also, can I include in my email a link to this page?

  • Debbie

    Hi Niri - Yes! This article is perfect to send to parents so they know how to update their addresses. You can send the link to them in an email. Here is an article for you which includes a sample communication email that can be edited and sent to parents.

  • Sierra Sherrard

    Hi, I have a question. I'm trying to change my shipping address to home but my yearbook is already in production. I asked the main editor and she said she enabled the address changing thing. I tried on both my phone and Chromebook.

  • Debbie

    Hi Sierra - Since your book is in production and will be shipping with other books in bulk to the school it is too late for you to update your address. You will need to make arrangements at the school to get your yearbook.