Shared photo folders are set up by the yearbook editors to help organize photos for the yearbook. You can upload photos to shared folders while on your phone or tablet using a browser or our iPhone App or Android App.

Using a Browser On a Mobile Device

TreeRing can be accessed on a browser on a mobile phone and tablet. You will log in just as you do on a computer. You can upload photos as explained in this article making sure you select the correct shared folder:

Uploading Photos - Parents & Students

iPhone and Android App

You can also download and use the iOS App and the Android App to upload photos to shared folders.

Here are the steps for you to upload photos to shared folders on the iPhone App and Android App.

1. Log in and on your home screen select the menu in the upper left corner.


2. Select Shared Photos.


3. Select Shared Photo Folders.


4. Select the Shared Photo Folder where you want to upload the photo.


5. Select Add Photos.


6. Select the photo source where your photo is saved.


7. Select the photo and then Add Photos.


8. You will then see the photo in the folder.




Downloading and Using the iPhone App