Uploading Photos to Shared Folders on Mobile Devices - Parents and Students

Shared photo folders are set up by the editors to help organize photos for the yearbook. You can upload photos to shared folders while on your phone or tablet using the TreeRing iPhone App, Android App, and mobile browser.

iPhone and Android Apps

Here are the steps for you to upload photos to shared folders on the iPhone App and Android App.

1. Log in and scroll down to Share Photos. Select Share Your Photos.


2. Select Shared Photo Folders.


3. Select the Shared Photo Folder where you want to upload the photo.


4. Select Add Photos.


5. Select the photo source where your photo is saved.


6. Select the photo and then Add Photos.


7. You will see that your photo has been added to the Shared Folder.


Mobile Browser

TreeRing can be accessed on a browser on a mobile phone and tablet. We recommend that you download and use Chrome Browser.

Uploading photos is the same process whether you are using a mobile app or on a mobile browser. Another way to upload photos to shared folders is in My Photos.

1. Open the menu.

2. Select My Photos.

3. Select Add Photos.

Here is an article for uploading photos while on your desktop.

Uploading Photos - Parents & Students


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