Uploading Photos to Shared Folders on Mobile Devices

Your school community can upload photos to your shared folders while on their phone or tablet using a browser or our iPhone App. Parents, students, teachers, and editors can upload photos to Shared Photo Folders. Editors can upload to Editors Only Folders as well.

Using a Browser On a Mobile Device

TreeRing can be accessed on a browser on a mobile phone and tablet. Users will log in just as they do on a computer. They can upload photos as explained in this article making sure they select the correct shared folder:

Uploading Photos - Parents & Students

iPhone App

Users can also download and use the iOS App on their iPhone or iPad to upload photos to shared folders.

Here are the steps for users to upload photos to shared folders on the iPhone App.

1. On your home screen select the green circle with the + sign to add photos.


2. Select Add Photos.


3. You will first get the notification that TreeRing would like to access your photos. You must select OK to use the photos on your phone.


4. Select Photos. You can access your photos on your Phone, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, or Google Photos. You can also Take a Photo.


5. Select the photos you want to upload to shared folders. Select Next.


6. Select Yes, I want to share.


7. Select the correct shared folders (you can upload the photo to more than one folder at the same time) and Next.


8. The photos are ready to upload. You can add a caption to the photo and tag the photo with a student's name. Select Start Uploading.


9. On your home screen you will see that the upload is working.




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