Buying a Poster and Art Block After the Yearbook is Purchased

You may have already purchased a yearbook and then decide that you want to order a poster and/or an art block. Posters and art blocks ship separately from yearbooks.

Here is how you can order a poster or art block after buying a yearbook.

1. Log in and make sure your child's name is correct at the top of the main area of your homepage. Select Edit Custom Pages.


2. Select Add Page.


3. In My Pages, find the custom pages and drag and drop them next to pages 1-2.


4. Select No, keep all photos and text.


5. Select Buy Now.


6. Select I want this!


7. Select the quantity for the art block and/or poster and Checkout.


8. In your cart you will see the extra custom pages and the poster and/or art block. Remove the extra custom pages from your cart so that you do not pay for them.


9. Select Remove and you will see your updated cart. Select Checkout.



10. Enter your shipping address and payment method. Select Place Order.


11. The extra custom pages will not print in your yearbook because you did not pay for them when buying the poster and/or art block. You should go back to your custom pages and delete the extra pages.


 Note: The same procedure can be followed if a poster or art block is wanted for a previous school year. Just add the previous year custom pages to the current year and follow the same steps.

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