Editing the Shipping Address for a Previously Placed Order When Changing to Ship to Home

During the course of the school year you may decide that you want all of the yearbooks shipped to the students' homes. We can do that! Even if previous orders have been placed and set up to ship to the school. You will need to get students' addresses and update the address for their orders.

Chief Editors can edit shipping addresses on all ship to home orders. This includes orders placed by the school and orders placed by students, parents, and teachers. All orders will show an address to edit.



This must be done before you set the book to print ready. If you do not enable All Orders Ship to Home and update shipping addresses for students' orders before setting the book to print ready, all of the books will be shipped to the address you confirmed or entered when setting the book to print ready.

Note:  Addresses cannot be edited when using the iPhone app.

Changing Addresses for All Orders and Invoice Orders

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select Orders and All Orders or Invoice Orders.


3. Find the order and click on the number.


4. In Order Details click on Edit Address.


5. Edit the address and select Verify Address.


6. Select Use Original Address or Use Suggested Address. We advise that you use the USPS Suggested Address to eliminate delivery issues. You can also go back to edit your Original Address if is wrong by clicking on Edit.


7. In the Order Details you will see the address has been updated.


We can help you with importing the student addresses.  Here is how we can help!

Importing Addresses for Ship to Home Orders

Changing Addresses for Your Personal Orders

If you placed orders under your name, they will be included in All Orders but you can also find them in My Orders to change the address.


Follow the same steps as above to change the addresses in My Orders.


Can't find your answer in our Help Center? Our agents are available to assist you Monday - Friday from 6AM to 6PM Pacific Time.

(877) 755-TREE

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    Jonna Hackler

    Still not working for me. Im on my computer, not my phone

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    Hi Jonna - I have checked your order and see the edit address options, I see that you have contacted customer support and I will assist you on your ticket.

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    Hi Jeriann - I have created a ticket for you in our customer support system and will assist you there.

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    Victoria Izumi

    Can my yearbook be shipped to my house?
    This is a student from Learning Gate at Lutz, Florida

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    Hi Victoria - I see that you have contacted customer support. I will assist you on that ticket.

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    Yu Chen

    I need to know why I kept getting email from TreeRing to place an order for my kids even my kids' school didn't even partner with TreeRing this year. Also my order even got into silence without any notification for almost 6 months. I feel very bad, like you guys are cheating me to place an order and pay money for nothing!

    Edited by Yu Chen