Getting Ready to Edit the Yearbook

Get familiar with settings and options for the yearbook.

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


There are tabs on the left and you will land on Status. Here is an overview of the tabs.


  • Create - Select Edit Book to see the overview of all of the yearbook page spreads to edit.
  • Proof - Order PDF Proofs and your free Printed Proof. The proofs help you see the layout of the pages and how the book will print.
  • Print Ready - Set the book to Print Ready so we know that you are done and ready for us to print the books. You must set the book to Print Ready or the books will not print.
  • Review - After setting the book to Print Ready, we review the book. This is where you can see when the review is complete.
  • Print - After reviewing the book it will move to print. This is where you can see when the printing is complete.
  • Ship - This is where you will see when the books were shipped and get tracking information.




  • Covers and Pages - See your cover selection and the number of pages in the yearbook. You can adjust the page count.
  • Price - See the price breakdown of the yearbook. You can change the fundraiser amount.
  • Custom Pages - Turn custom pages on or off.
  • Options - Set the shipping sort order for delivery of the books. Contact us if you want all the books shipped to homes and if the school is purchasing all books.
  • Restrict Editing - Turn this on if you want staff editors assigned to particular pages.
  • Recognition Ads - Enable ads if you are offering them at the school.
  • Student Index - Tag students in photos and you can view the student index.
  • Portraits - Import portraits using Portrait Auto Flow.



This where you can select and change your Theme, set default photo and text styles, set margins for pages, and turn on automatic page numbers.



This is where you can:

  • See all the pages in the yearbook in numerical order.
  • Move pages to a different location by dragging and dropping.
  • Edit the title of a page.
  • See how many portraits are on a page.
  • Access page notes.
  • Assign editors to pages and see who is assigned.
  • Mark a page as done so it can't continue to be edited.
  • Add pages to the yearbook.



This takes you to the overview of the page spreads in the yearbook. Click on a page spread to edit.



The last tab is Preview and takes you to the cover of the book so you can move to each page spread to preview.



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