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Why is my child's portrait missing in the yearbook?

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  • Eldrich Austria

    Regarding child's pictures missing from the yearbook:
    1) I added pages to the yearbook but ordered it after the deadline.
    2) The yearbook came but did not have all the pages I ordered.
    Can this be rectified?

  • Debbie

    Hi Eldrich - The 4 extra custom pages did not print in your book because you did not pay for them. Extra custom pages are $0.99 per pagespread.

  • Isabella Lawrence

    I received an entire different year for my child’s year book. I was supposed to have it for 2020-2021, as the account says, but I received 2016-2017. So the entire yearbook has no one we know. Can I please have this replaced with the correct school year?

  • Debbie

    Hi Isabella - I see that you submitted a ticket to customer support and you will be assisted there. Thanks!

  • Isabella Lawrence

    Thank you Debbie