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Chief Editor Homepage:

Navigation Bar



  1. Your name and access to your profile.
  2. The name of your school.
  3. Kid Yearbooks - If you have a child at the school this is where you access their yearbook
  4. Edit Yearbook - This is the default selection when you log in and where you will edit the yearbook and adjust the yearbook settings.
  5. Editor Tools - Manage your school information (including your deadline dates), review your sales progress, access your community rosters and orders, and find your promotional tools.
  6. Portraits - Import Professional Portraits and/or set up Community Portraits
  7. Community Content - This is where you access Shared Photos, Recognition Ads, Baby Photos, and Polls
  8. My Kids - Memories and Photos of your children.
  9. My Photos - Shared and private photos which you have uploaded.
  10. My Likes - Photos you have marked as "Liked".
  11. My Orders - All of your yearbook orders including previous years.
  12. Logout

Main Area of the Home Page


  1. Buy Standard Books - Order books for the school.
  2. Edit Yearbook - Edit the yearbook and adjust the yearbook settings.
  3. Previous Yearbooks - Scroll down to see all the school's previous yearbooks.

The main area of the homepage will change if you have a child at the school and select Kid Yearbooks in the navigation bar. This is where you will access your child's yearbook to buy the book, edit custom pages, buy a recognition ad (if you are selling ads at your school), send and request Signatures, and see and share photos.


Lots of information is available our Help Center.  Here are some articles which will be especially helpful with getting started:

Editor Tools

Check Out Your Editor Tools

Shared Photos

Adding New Shared Photo Folders

Settings & Options

Getting Ready to Edit the Yearbook

 Editing & Designing

All Help Center Articles for Editing & Designing

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