Editing a Purchased Recognition Ad

A purchased Recognition Ad may need to be edited. As a Chief Editor, you can make the edits.

Only purchased ads will be available for you to add to the yearbook. The ad can still be edited by the parent after purchasing but not after you place it in the yearbook. You will need to remove the ad from the page in the yearbook so you or the parent can edit the ad.

This is how you can edit a purchased ad.

1. Go to the Students & Parents list and find the student with the purchased ad. Select the gear icon in the Actions column and Select Edit/View Ad.


2. Click on the ad to make the edit.


3. Select Home when you are done with the edit. If you want to cancel the ad, select Cancel Ad.


4. When you select Home it will take you back to Recognition Ads Settings where you can see all the completed ads. You will see the ad you edited which can be added back to a page.




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