Changing Page Layout and Design

Editors can easily change the page layout and design on pages with content.

1. Go to the page where you have added content. Select Layout.


 2. Page Layout options open.

  • Which page are you editing? Select Both, Left, or Right.
  • What do you want to change? Select Layout Only or Layout and Design.
  • How many photos do you want on the page? Select a number range for photos on the page. The templates will filter to the photo range so you do not see the templates outside of your range.

In the example below, both pages have been selected, Layout Only has been selected, and the templates are filtered for 8 through 40 photos on a page spread.


Changing the Layout Only

This is only for photo box layouts and will not change the background, text, and graphics.

1. Scroll to see all the available templates and click on the one you want for the new layout.


2. The page will change to the template you selected with the existing photos automatically placed in photo boxes. Shuffle Photos if you want to try photos in different locations.

Notes:  If other content is on the pages, you will need to adjust or delete it so that it is not behind the new photo boxes. You can try other layouts by selecting Layout again and choosing different templates.


Changing the Layout and Design

This will change the photo box layout and the design of the page. It will remove the other content on the page; background, text, and graphics.

1. Select Layout and Design and a Page Category.


2. The templates will change as per your photo range.


3. Select the template. The page design will change and the photos will automatically be placed in photo boxes. Shuffle Photos if you want to try photos in different locations.

Note: You can try another layout by selecting Layout and Design again and choosing a different template.


Photos removed from pages

If you have a page with many photos and change the page layout to less photo boxes, some photos will be removed from the page. The photos will still be available to use on the page until you select Back.

1. This page is set up for 14 photos. The new template will change it to 8 photos. 


2. You will see this notification and need to select OK to change the layout.


3. Some of the photos have been removed from the page. If you want all the photos back on the page you can select UNDO or you will need to change the layout to one that has enough photo boxes for all of the photos.


Note: You can use the Undo button to go back to the previous layout and retrieve the photos until you go to another page, refresh, or logout.


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