Product Updates Fall 2019

We've been hard at work updating the TreeRing app and have made over 200 updates since last spring! I wanted to share a few of our favorite things:

Auto Build Custom Pages
Creating custom pages just got a whole lot easier with a new automatic process which will build the pages for you. Plus it works from a mobile browser! Learn More

No More "Print Ready" Step for Custom Pages!
We made a major change to simplify the process to ensure your edited custom pages will be printed.  Now edited free pages (and additional purchased pages) will print automatically.  Too many customers told us they forgot to print ready their pages and didn't get the beautiful memories they added to the page. (They still have the option to disable them.)  Learn More

Mark Pages as DONE 
Great news! Chief Editors now have the ability to mark pages as done. When you mark a page as done the page will no longer be editable. This will prevent completed pages from being edited unintentionally.  Learn more

Editor Notes
This new feature gives editors an efficient way to communicate with each other within the yearbook regarding page edits. Notes can now be added to pages so all editors are made aware of page details..  Learn more

Preset Text Styles Upgrades
To help with creating a consistent design to your book we've updated the text styling to show in their style.  Additionally, you can now create a new text style preset from any text boxLearn More

Single Page Staff Editor Assignments Enforced
You can now assign single pages to staff editors to edit. This means that you can assign two staff editors to a page spread designating who can edit which single page.  Learn More

Folder Improvement, Drag & Drop Photo Upload and Google Photos Added
No more endless drop down menus! Drag photos from your computer into TreeRing and use your Google Photos directly. Learn More

25 New Themes for 2019
As always we're constantly adding new themes and designs to TreeRing. Here's 24 of our favorites from this year!  See them all

Hundreds of bugs squished!
With last year's launch of TR5 we introduced lots of minor bugs and some big ones. We spent hundreds of hours fixing these and improving on the app overall. It wasn't exciting and we're not done, but please know we're committed to a fantastic experience for you!

Thank you for continually providing us feedback, it's because of you that we were able to focus on these.  Keep the feedback coming!

Stay tuned for lots more ahead!

CEO and Co-Founder 
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