Adding Signatures to Custom Pages

The Signatures feature is where you can "sign" your friend's yearbook with a personal message. Signatures can be added to custom pages.

Sending & Requesting Signatures

1. Go to your child's custom pages and select Signatures.


2. You will see all of the Signatures sent to your child. Drag and drop the Signature onto the page.

Note: You can also send and request Signatures while on your custom pages.


 Note:  Signatures are attached to the child who received them. If you have more than one child at the school you will not be able to see the signatures for all of your children when doing the individual pages. i.e. If you are doing Joe's custom pages you will only see Joe's signatures. You can add all of your children's custom pages to each other's books if you want them to all have the same signatures in them.

Adding Additional Custom Pages


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  • Avatar
    Laura Dudley

    I do not have a signatures button in custom pages. My son has a signature to add but it won't let me.

  • Avatar

    Hi Laura - It looks like you may have created the custom pages on our iPhone app. I checked the pages on my computer and the capability to add the Signature and it is working for me. Please log into your account on your computer to add the Signature.

  • Avatar
    Kristin Stiles

    I also do not have the option to add signatures, only photos, likes, etc.

  • Avatar

    Kristin - I see lots of Signatures on your children's custom pages! Looks like you found them!

  • Avatar
    Danielle Larotonda

    I don't see an option to add the signatures on the custom pages

  • Avatar

    Hi Danielle - Log into your account on your computer and select Edit Custom Pages. Click on the 2 custom pages you have already created and you will see the Signatures option which is explained in this article. If you want to add the Signatures to a different page you will need to add more custom pages. Here is an article for that:

  • Avatar
    Diana Harlin

    This system is not user friendly. I cannot find the custom pages on my childs account. I cannot find anything that looks remotely like what your "tutorial" picture has above. I have emailed twice with no help I have called 3 times and been put on hold for over 20 minutes when your wait time said it would be 11 minutes, etc etc. I have asked your team to just enable the custom page for me with my childs signatures. Nope you can't do that either.

  • Avatar

    Hi Diana - I checked your account and when logging in on my computer I was taken to your correct homescreen to access your daughter's custom pages. Here is a Help Center article which shows how to get started with creating the custom pages manually with Advanced Editing : I have added a blank custom pagespread and added some Signatures to the pages. You can now add more Signatures and resize them so they fit on your pages. Here is a Help Center article if you need to add more custom pages for all of the Signatures: