Creating and Buying a Recognition Ad for Your Child

Schools have the option to include Recognition Ads in the yearbook. If you have been notified by your child's school that Recognition Ads can be purchased for the yearbook, this is how you can create and buy an ad for your child.

Note:  Only one ad can be purchased per student.

1. Log in and on your homepage you will see your child's name. If you have more than one child at the school, use the Kid Switcher to select the correct child for the ad.


2. Scroll down on the main area of your homepage and select Create a Yearbook Ad.



3. Choose your ad size. Even if the school is only offering one ad size, you will still be taken to this screen to select and confirm the size.


4. On the left side of the page shows the deadline date for purchasing the ad and the size and price of the ad. On the right side of the page is the ad space to edit.


How to create and edit your ad:

  1. The text in the template can be edited and photos can be dropped into the photo placeholders. Add photos, text, and graphics from the tabs on the right. All content can be adjusted in size or deleted.
  2. Drag and drop the items inside the ad. Anything placed outside of the template will not be included in the ad.
  3. When you are finished editing, click the Buy Now button to purchase the ad. Only purchased ads can be added to the yearbook by an editor.


  • Backgrounds are not available for ads but here is an article showing you how to add a background color: 
    Adding Background Color to Recognition Ads
  • The ad can still be edited after purchasing only if it has not already been added to the yearbook by an editor.
  • The school determines the price of recognition ads. Some schools do not charge for ads. You will need to go through this complete process to create an ad for your child no matter the price.

5. When you are done with the ad, select Buy Now.


6. Confirm the ad is complete by selecting I Confirm My Ad is Complete.


7. Confirm that the ad details and the price are correct in your cart and select Checkout.



8. Select the method of payment and enter the payment information. Select Place Order.



9. Now on your homepage you will see the ad you created. If you want to edit the ad, select Edit Yearbook Ad.


Here is an article if you need to cancel your Recognition Ad. The ad must be purchased so it can be added to the yearbook by the yearbook editor.

Canceling a Recognition Ad

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