Setting Up Recognition Ads & Placing Ads on Pages

This feature will make it easy for you to sell ads to your school community. Recognition Ads are a great way to allow parents to recognize students and teachers in every yearbook and create an additional fundraiser for the school. Other names for recognition ads are: senior ads, graduation ads, shout outs, and love lines. The ads are fully customizable and will be printed in every yearbook.

Recognition Ads Summary:

  • Ads are fully customizable and will be printed in EVERY yearbook.
  • Ads are an optional feature and can only be enabled by a Chief Editor.
  • Ads can be enabled for all grades or for only specific grades.
  • Ads come in 4 sizes and you can choose which size(s) to offer to parents.
  • Ads can be free for parents or you can set a selling price. The amount collected for the ads is a fundraiser for the school and TreeRing will keep a 5% processing fee to cover bank fees.


  1. Only Chief Editors can enable Recognition Ads and place the ads in the yearbook.
  2. Currently there is no limit to the number of ads that can be sold, but only one ad can be purchased per child.
  3. Ad pages will need to be included in the number of Core Book Pages. Remember that the price of the yearbook increases when you add more pages to the yearbook. Here is an article which explains page count increases:

Increasing the Page Count of the Yearbook

This is how you enable the Recognition Ads:

1. Log in and select Community Content.


2. Enable Recognition Ads by changing the button to green.

Note:  Once an ad has been purchased, the feature can't be disabled. The ad order must be canceled to disable Recognition Ads.


3. Select Go to Recognition Ads.


4. Select Edit Settings to:

  1. Set the deadline date for all ads to be completed
  2. Enable the size of the ads that you want to sell
  3. Set the cost of the ads (set the cost to $0.00 if the ads are free)
  4. Set All Grades or Only Some Grades to designate who can buy ads (lowest and highest grades must be selected in Org Info in Editor Tools)


5. Select Save after editing your settings.


Notes: Recognition Ads can be set as no cost to parents. You can make ads a fundraiser for your school by setting a price for each of the ad sizes you are selling to parents. TreeRing will charge 5% on the amount collected for the ads to cover credit card and bank fees for issuing the fundraiser check.

Here is how parents will create and buy their ads:

Creating & Buying a Recognition Ad for Your Child

Placing Ads on Yearbook Pages

Only purchased ads will be available for you to add to the yearbook. The ad can still be edited by the parent after purchasing but not after you place it in the yearbook. If parent edits are necessary, you will need to remove the ad from the yearbook so the parent can edit the ad.

1. Go to the ad page in your yearbook and select Community Content.


2. Select Recognition Ads.


3. You will see all of the purchased ads available for you to use. Drag and drop an unused ad to the page. You will only be able to drag and drop the ad into specific areas on the pages based on ad size. This will prevent the overlapping of ads. Ads can't be edited on the pages. Ads can be placed on any page so beware of adding them to pages that already have content or portraits.


4. Use the view dropdown to filter ads by Not Placed Ads, Placed Ads, and ad size. You can increase the image size for better viewing and you can search for an ad.


Unplaced Ads

You will need to make sure that all purchased ads are placed in the yearbook. You will not be able to set the book to print ready if you have purchased ads that have not been placed on pages.  When trying to set the book to print ready with unplaced ads, you will see this warning.


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