Adding Editor Notes to Pages

This feature gives editors an efficient way to communicate with each other within the yearbook. Notes can be added to pages so all editors are made aware of page specifics.

Page Notes in Manage

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Manage.

  • In the Notes Column when a new note has been added to a page, you will see an orange circle notification next to the Note icon. Click on the Note icon and this will take you to the page to read the note.
  • Click on the Note icon to go to a page to add a note.


Note:  Once a note is read, the orange circle notification will disappear. When you read the page note the orange notification will only disappear for you. The other editors will continue to see the orange notification until they read the note for the page.

Page Notes in Arrange Pages View

1. If a new note has been added to a page you will see the orange circle notification. Once a note is read by you, the orange circle notification will disappear.

  • Open the new note to read it by clicking on the Note icon.
  • Click on the Note icon on any page to add a new note.


2. To access notes while on a page, select Tools.


3. Select Notes.


Note:  When clicking on the Notes indicator on either page it will open the notes for each page in the page spread.  The notification indicator will appear whenever a new note is added even if you are not assigned to the page.

Portrait sections are considered a set of spreads so when a note is added to one of the pages in a section a notification indicator will appear for each page.

Adding Page Notes

1. Adding a page note can be started in either Manage or in the Arrange Pages View. Click on the Note icon in either location and it will take you to add your note to the page.


2. Add the notes and click on the green arrow. The note will show who created it and when. More notes can be added for the page. Currently notes can't be removed or edited.















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