TreeRing and US State Law Data Privacy (SOPIPA,2-D)

Many of our schools in California are affected by SOPIPA -- a law enacted by the state effective January 1, 2016. TreeRing fully complies with SOPIPA and its restrictions. 

We specifically DO NOT engage in any of the below practices

  • Engaging in targeted advertising on using the information proscribed;
  • Targeted advertising elsewhere using information collected or created;
  • Using information created or collected for the purpose of creating a profile about students, other than in furtherance of K-12 school purposes;
  • Selling the information (except in connection with merger or acquisition where the purchaser is also bound by SOPIPA); and
  • Disclosing  collected or created information about a student unless made in furtherance of the K-12 purpose where the information is not further disclosed unless to allow or improve functionality within the student’s classroom or school

 In order to ensure our compliance with SOPIPA we have previously and continue to:

  • Maintain and follow our privacy policy 
  • Maintain reasonable security procedures to protect student information
  • Delete covered student information from our application at the request of the school, district or parent/student. 

While this article specifically mentions SOPIPA - a California State Law - many other states have enacted similar regulations (ME, DE, NH, OR or New York state laws 2-D and Part 121 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education as examples ), and we are compliant with them as well. 

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