State Sales Tax and Tax Exempt

Starting September 17, 2019 TreeRing began collecting state sales tax on purchases made in many US States. These States are as follows:

Alabama Idaho Massachusetts North Carolina Texas
Arizona Illinois Michigan North Dakota Utah
Arkansas Indiana Minnesota Ohio Vermont
California* Iowa Mississippi Oklahoma Virginia
Colorado Kansas Nebraska Pennsylvania Washington
Connecticut Kentucky Nevada Rhode Island Washington DC
Georgia Louisiana New Jersey South Carolina West Virginia
Florida* Maine New Mexico South Dakota Wisconsin
Hawaii Maryland New York Tennessee Wyoming
(*TreeRing already collects Sales Tax as appropriate in California and Florida)

On June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the state in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. This ruling allows the state to begin taxing remote sales via their economic nexus laws. Since the ruling, more than 40 states enacted economic nexus laws of their own.

TreeRing will honor state sales tax-exempt status if your school meets your state's requirements. For a guide on how to place a tax-exempt order, please see this Help Center article:

How to Apply for a State Sales Tax Exemption on an Order

The laws governing state sales tax vary widely between states. Though some schools may be tax-exempt, any goods sold for profit, like yearbooks, may not fall under the tax-exempt status. This varies from state to state. If you need assistance determining if your school, organization, or project is tax-exempt, you should consult your organization’s accounting department.

When viewing the price of your book in Settings, the tax will show with if applicable even if your school is marked as tax exempt. There should be no assumption that all orders are tax exempt. Tax exemption never applies to after deadline orders and ship to home books.





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