Confirm Yearbook Details and Important Dates

At the beginning of every school year it is important to confirm that your yearbook details are correct. Doing this before promoting the book to parents will eliminate issues later in the year.

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Settings.



In settings you will see:

  • Covers and Pages - the type of cover and the page count for the yearbook
  • Price - the price breakdown of the yearbook
  • Custom Pages - if custom pages are turned on or off
  • Options - all orders ship to home, ship all book purchases after deadline to school, school purchasing all books, tax exempt
  • Restricted Editing - editing restricted for staff editors
  • Recognition Ads - if ads are turned on or off
  • Student Index - view a student index
  • Portraits - import portraits using Portrait Auto Flow

It is important to confirm that your deadline dates are correct.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select Dashboard.

The Dashboard will show you:

  • Books Sold - the number of books sold to date
  • Dates - important deadline dates
  • Fundraiser - the fundraiser collected and spent
  • Activity - user activity
  • Trees Planted - the number of trees which will be planted
  • School Settings - social features turned on or turned off



 Other helpful articles to make sure your book is set up the way you want:

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