New Feature - Single Page Assignment for Staff Editors

You can now assign single pages to staff editors to edit. This means that you can assign two staff editors to a page spread designating who can edit which single page.

Note: The editors assigned to the single pages on a page spread can't edit their pages at the same time.

1. In Edit Yearbook select Manage.


2. Select Assign Editors for the page you want to assign.


3. Start typing the staff editor's first or last name and you will see the options of editors. Click on the person's name or the + sign and Done.


4. When the assigned editor goes to edit the single page the other page will show that it can't be edited.


Note: If a background has been added to both pages the staff editors assigned to the single pages will not be able to change the background on their page. The chief editor will need to change the background so that single backgrounds are used on the two pages.


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