Print Ready - Edits or Orders Needed After Setting the Book to Print Ready

Setting the book to print ready means that you are ready for us to begin the printing process. Right after you set the book to print ready you may discover an error in the book or realize that an order was not placed. These can be corrected but only for a short time after setting the book to print ready. The book will need to be taken out of print ready to take care of these issues.

1. Log in and in the main area of your homepage you will see that your books are In Review. Click on Book Status.


2. In Status and Print Ready you will see the Stop Everything button. This means you have time to stop the production process and edit your book or place more orders.

When you select Stop Everything it will unlock your book which takes it out of production. Make the edits and/or place the orders and set the book back to print ready making sure you go through the complete process. Your delivery date will automatically change to 4 weeks from the date you set the book back to print ready.

If you go to Status and you do not see the Stop Everything button it means that it is too late for the book to be edited. It has already moved to Print.


3. Are you sure you want to Stop Everything? This May Cause a Delay in Delivery!

Stopping everything will un-Print Ready your core book and stop the review and pre-press operations. Production will not begin again until the book is set back to Print Ready. This may cause a delay in delivery.

If you are sure that you want to un-Print Ready the book, select Yes, Stop Everything!


4. You will see in Status that the Print Ready Button is back to Still Editing.


5. Make the edits and/or place orders and when you are done you will need to go through the complete Print Ready process again.

Setting the Yearbook to Print Ready


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