Version 8.05.919 - Dec. 18, 2018


  • Fixed adding to cart issue that was preventing some individuals from adding a yearbook to their shopping cart
  • Fixed issue where moving portraits without leaving a copy in the current folder and making subsequent changes would cause the crash monkey.
  • Fixed issue where photos were not displaying under the folders when adding (portraits, my photos, shared, editors photos)
  • Fixed portrait loading where no additional click is required for photos to appear
  • Fixed portrait captions where the display was slightly different between different browsers
  • Fixed issue where uploading a photo will direct you to the folder where it uploaded to. (Note - there are some additional followups coming around this fix)
  • Fixed parent names appearing while tagging photos
  • Fixed issue where adding pages from CP templates was displaying an overwhelming list of options
  • Fixed the issue of displaying “current password” field when changing password for others users
  • Fixed the ability to resize a line within edit page


  • The following area of the website will be “responsive" (dynamic changes to appearance depending on screen size and orientation -i.e mobile):
    -My Profile
    -Kids Settings
  • Improved an error message for page not found if flash page render failed
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