Finding and Liking Uploaded Photos

When you upload photos you have the choice to keep them private or share them with your school community. The photos will be saved in different locations based on how you upload them.

  • My Photos - All photos you upload will be in My Photos. This includes private photos and shared photos. You will be able to filter your photos to show private or shared.
  • Shared Photos - All photos that you upload to shared folders will be in Shared Photos (and they will also be in My Photos).

My Photos

1. Log in and select My Photos.


2. In My Photos you can:

  • Filter the photos by Year
  • Show all the photos or just the private or shared photos
  • Sort the photos by photo date taken or upload date


Shared Photos

1. Select Shared Photos


2. Select Shared Photo Folders to see the shared folders set up by the school. Click on a folder and you will see all the photos which were uploaded to the folder by you and the school community.



3. Select All Shared Photos to see all the shared photos uploaded by you and the school community.


4. The All Shared Photos can be:

  • Filtered by Year
  • Sorted by photo date taken or upload date


Liking a Photo

Many photos will be uploaded to shared folders. Make it easy to find your favorites again by liking them.

1. Hover over the photo and click on the Like button.


2. Photos that have been liked before will show Liked when you hover over them.


3. My Likes will always show in the left navigation bar. Select it to see all of your liked photos.



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