Changing the Background on Custom Pages

If you don't like the background that is showing on your custom pages, you can change it. There are lots of backgrounds to choose from. You can also use a photo for the background.

1. Go to your child's custom pages and select Background.


2. Editing Options for Backgrounds will open and you can:

  • Edit the background on both sides of the page spread or only the left or right sides
  • Change the background
  • Change the zoom on the background
  • Change the visibility of the background


3. To change the background you can select from:

  • Border - this selection will show you all the backgrounds that have a border around the pages
  • Color - this selection lets you change the background to a solid color
  • Pattern - this selection will show you all the backgrounds with different patterns
  • Photo - this selection lets you select one of your photos as the background
  • Template - this selection will first show you all the backgrounds for the yearbook theme but you can change the filter to search for other backgrounds


4. Find the background you want and select it. The background on the custom pages will change.


5. Since there are so many backgrounds to choose from, mark backgrounds you like as a Favorite by clicking on the star. By doing this you can then filter My Favorites in Templates to easily find the background you want to add to your custom pages. You can also use Search if you want to try to find a particular kind of background.





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