Editing, Deleting, Adding Effects to Memories

Memories can be edited or deleted. You can do this in My Kid Memories or on custom pages where the Memory has been added.

Edit or Delete Memories in My Kids

1. Log in and select My Kids.


2. Find the memory in your child's Memories and click on it.


3. Select Options to select Edit or Delete.


4. To edit a Memory select Edit. You can add a photo and/or change the answer. Select Save when your edit is complete.


5. To remove a Memory, select Delete. If you are sure you want to remove the Memory, select I'm Sure.


Edit or Delete Memories on Custom Pages

1. Click on the Memory on the custom page. Memory Options will open. If the Memory is placed over other content on the page you can move it on top or behind the content. You can also duplicate the Memory or Delete it.


2.  Select Options and select Edit to edit the Memory. Select Effects to add effects to it.


3. In Effects you can change the visibility of the memory. Turn the options on to add a shadow or glow.







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