Placing Two Or More Classes On One Page In Portrait Auto Flow

You can put two classes on one Portrait Auto Flow page and have them separated by group. This is different from having two classes on the same two page spread.

Tip: Before starting this process, have a way to reference which students go with which teacher. You can do this with a school roster, order a PDF proof to show the existing pages, or take screenshots of the existing pages.

1. Make sure the page layout in the section you are using is set up so that all portraits will fit on the one page.

Changing the Page Layout In Portrait Auto Flow

2. Move all the portraits to the page.

Moving Portrait Auto Flow Photos to Different Pages

3. Change the order of the portraits so they are grouped the way you want.

Changing the Order of Photos on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

4. You may want to make space on the page between the classes.

Moving Photos on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

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