Version 8.05.884 - Nov. 19, 2018


  • Allowing old FLASH books to be viewed in TR5!!!
  • Fixed ability to immediately edit or add caption to photos being retrieved from 3rd party apps (FB, Drive, etc)
  • Fix Zendesk notification email for re-sign response
  • Fixed send feedback button during re-sign flow
  • Fixed UI so “All School Feed” is defaulted when uploading photos from All Shared Photos
  • Fixed grid function
  • Fixed layout issues for responsive (checkout, loading screen, profile)
  • Fixed order and UI issues on fonts


  • Added new fonts
    • Catalina Anacapa
    • Catalina Anacapa Slab
    • Catalina Avalon
    • Catalina Avalon Slab
    • Catalina Script
    • Lunchbox
    • Intrique Script
  • Improved the user experience (UX) to remember the last viewing location of background images, photos, graphics after closing and reopening the tray
  •  Improved UI to support re-assignments
  • Improved the error handling messages within the UI for Student/Parent upload
  • Improved UI to provide users options to delete in photos in all shared photo
  • Improved dialogue message when deleting photo from My Photos
  • Improved book lock and latest data before data validation
  • Improved Edit Book Performance
    • Interaction of the page when the sidebars are not opened
    • Copying and pasting elements (text, photos, graphics)
  • Backend support for retrieving photos FLICKR
  • Backend support to make side bar its own component (responsive project)
  • Backend support for 9x12 books
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