Version 8.05.873 - Nov. 14, 2018


  • Fixed student’s name not appearing during book purchase in cart
  • Fixed student grade range drop down during sign in flow to match grades on the school org info
  • Fixed issue where “hamburger” menu would not open on certain window size
  • Fixed issue to prevent double sending of emails from promote function
  • Fixed follow up issue around checkout and Canadian postal code validation
  • Fixed font size for signup buttons
  • Update label “Grade” to “Grade/Teacher"on student/parent account creation
  • Fixed default profile photo to circular
  • Fixed save button text from overlapping during save on preset
  • Fixed issue of not displaying cover when theme changed
  • Fixed latency when dragging and dropping from 3rd party app (google drive, facebook, instagram, etc.)
  • Fixed issue where a role change was not updating immediately on the page
  • Fixed issue where we displaying “ghost text” for adding captions
  • Fixed size layout issue for the text fields during on boarding
  • Backend support for form fields
  • Portrait Fixes and Enhancements
    -Re-enable portraits download function
    -Fixed student name layout for “outer” layout configuration
    -Fixed page title defaulted to ON
    -Fixed name capitalization to allow for title case
    -Fixed issue where no PSPA file during upload causes users from existing window
    -Fix title placement in page without portraits
    -Fixed issue from allowing users to close out of the portrait upload modal
    -Fixed issue where portrait was not moving to the front when changing from the gear icon
    -Fixed issue to allow moving of portraits to personal and shared folder


  • Added an idle message checker during in page editing
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