Advanced Settings for Portrait Auto Flow

Advanced settings in Portrait Auto Flow gives editors more control to customize portrait pages.

Note:  These advanced settings should be used with caution as they can significantly change the formatting of the pages resulting in errors.

1. Go to the page where you want to use the advanced settings and select Portraits.


2. Portraits editing options will open. Scroll to Advanced and turn it on.


3. Here are the settings you can adjust in Advanced.

  • Horizontal Gap - adjust horizontal gap between portraits
  • Vertical Gap - adjust vertical gap between portraits
  • Offset X - move all the portraits closer to the left or right edges of the pages
  • Offset Y - move all the portraits closer to the top or bottom of the pages
  • Title Offset X - move the title to the right or left on the pages
  • Title Offset Y - move the title up or down on the pages
  • Portrait Size - change the size of all the portraits on the pages
  • Aspect Ratio - change the aspect ratio of all the portraits
  • Subtitle - turn on to have the capability to add subtitles for portraits



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