Changing the Order of Photos on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

Portrait Auto Flow automatically places all portraits in alphabetical order. You may want the portraits in a different order on your yearbook pages. You can change the order of portraits on Portrait Auto Flow pages.

If the portraits in Portrait Auto Flow are not in alphabetical order, check to make sure the names of the students and staff are entered correctly and that there are no spaces in front of their names. Here is how you can edit student and teacher names:

Editing Student and Teacher Names In Portrait Auto Flow

Moving Particular Portraits to Different Positions

1. Go to the portrait page and select Portraits.


2. Click on the gear in the upper right corner of the portrait that you want to move.


3. Check the box Move to Front to move the portrait to the first position. Select the position number if you want the portrait in a particular position.


4. The portrait will move to the correct position on the portrait page.


Changing the Order of Photos on Faculty and Staff Pages

Faculty and Staff portrait pages can be done in various ways depending on the school's preference. Here are common ways to arrange the order of portraits on Faculty and Staff pages:

  1. All Administrators, Faculty, and Staff in alphabetical order - By default all portraits flow in alphabetical order. Do not check any Move to Front boxes.
  2. Principal first with school administrators next - Check the Move to Front box for the Principal with position 0. Check the Move to Front box for the administrators adding the correct position number for each portrait.
  3. Administrators first, teachers next, then staff - Check the Move to Front box for all administrators with position 0, all teachers checked Move to Front with position 1, and all staff checked Move to Front with position 2.
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