Version 8.05.833, 835, 836, 837, 839, 840 - Oct. 31, 2018


  • Fixed issue where yearbook staff information was not updating immediately when updated.  NOTE — "Team Role" still requires a hard refresh.  Will resolve that shortly. 
  • Fixed “Options” dropdown in photos where text was “disappearing” when selected
  • Fixed incorrect delivery date when setting the yearbook to “Print Ready” early
  • Fixed issue where users were shown loading even when user canceled “authenticating” with 3rd Party application 
  • Fixed issue where search function did not work when reassigning orders
  • Fixed issue where print layout did not match app layout regarding white spaces around caption
  • Fixed issue where parents were NOT receiving email signature notification
  • Fixed re-sign dates not being calculated
  • Fixed "cover pages” that were replaced not appearing in deleted pages section — Note:  Theme changes that impact the cover page not part of this fix, but coming soon
  • Fixed issue where user was unable to exit out of the “Who is Making this Purchase” screen
  • Fixed issue so updates to the member of the “yearbook team” are displaying immediately. Note:  Updating team role will update, but that still requires a refresh for the time being.


  • Updated permissions to allow all Chief and Staff and Restricted Staff Editors to add or edit captions even though they did NOT upload the photo
  • Changed the default portraits per page during portrait import from 24 to 30
  • Photos used for background that are too small/large will display a warning message
  • Updated fonts across the application 
  • Optimization for portrait settings configuration.  Backend and customer facing (Customer Facing: The dropdown list for copying is shortened now to only displaying pages with portraits, minor visual layout display for portrait settings)
  • Tracking and tags added for marketing
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