Google Chrome and Saving Data to TreeRing, or "Help! I added pages and they disappeared!"

We have designed TR5 with ease of use and speed in mind as well as to provide automatic saving of changes/additions you make to your yearbook. However, not all data is saved immediately after changes are made, and instead are saved at more convenient times. Google Chrome also provides a method to notify the user if a save may be needed. and will post a message window requiring a response if saves are pending prior to leaving the website or closing the browser window. 

Unfortunately the window and language provided by the Chrome browser may cause users to take the wrong action. Below is an example of the window and language that Chrome provides: 


The language and default action are deceiving.


1.) f you select LEAVE,  or hit the enter key, your changes will not be saved and are unrecoverable as they were only locally stored (i.e. on your computer and not on the TreeRing servers).

2.) IF you select CANCEL then the save action will occur and you can shut your browser or navigate away. 

We apologize for the confusion, and are unable to change this chrome functionality to make it more understandable and user friendly. We are also working on ways to ensure this specific message is triggered less frequently so you are not reliant on understanding its wording. 



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