Assign Staff Editors to Pages

As a Chief Editor you can restrict editing of yearbook pages by assigning staff editors to only particular pages to edit. They will be allowed to view all of the pages in the yearbook but only have access to edit the pages assigned to them.

Note: Assigning Staff Editors should only be done when no one from the yearbook team is working on the yearbook.

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Settings and scroll to see Page Assignment Editing. Turn Page Assignment Editing on if you want to assign staff editors to particular pages to edit. If Page Assignment Editing is turned off, all the staff editors can edit all of the pages. Only Chief Editors can assign pages and can always edit any page.


3. Select Manage to assign the editors. Find the page to be assigned and click on Assign Editors.


4. Start entering the Staff Editor's name. Select the Staff Editor you want to assign to the page. You can assign more than one staff editor to a page. When you have added all the staff editors to the page, select Done.


5. In Manage you will see the initials of who is assigned to the pages in the Assigned To column. Hover over the initials to see the staff editor's full name. A maximum of 4 editors will display. If more than 4 editors are assigned to a page you will see the +circle. Hover over that circle to see the other editors' names.


6. In the Arrange Page view you will see the same display of the editors assigned to the pages.


7. To remove an editor from a page, click on the initials of the editor(s) and you will be taken back to Assign an Editor. Click on the trash can next to the staff editor to be removed.


Assigning single pages can result with two different staff editors assigned to a page spread. Each page will be designated as to who can edit which single page.


  • The editors assigned to the single pages on a page spread can't edit their pages at the same time.
  • If a background has been added to both pages the staff editors assigned to the single pages will not be able to change the background on their page. The chief editor will need to change the background so that single backgrounds are used on the two pages.


Check out this article to see how you can add editors while adding notes to pages.

Adding Editor Notes to Pages


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