Adding Photos to Pages

Photos can be added to the pages of the yearbook with or without photo placeholders.

1. Log in and select Yearbooks and Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Edit Book.


3. Click on the page and select Photos.


4. You will see the Photo Sources.

  • Google Drive (linking of account required)
  • Google Photos (linking of account required)
  • Facebook (linking of account required)
  • Dropbox (linking of account required)
  • Instagram (linking of account required)
  • My Computer
  • My Photos
  • Shared Photos
  • My Likes

Select your preferred photo source to access your photos.


5. You can adjust the image size for viewing.


6. To make it easier to find your photos you can:

  1. Filter the photos by year
  2. Select what photos you want to see
  3. Search for tagged photos


7. Once you have found the photo you want to add to the page, drag and drop it to any location on the page or into a photo placeholder. The photo will then have the green check mark indicating that it has been used in the yearbook.


8. Hover over the green check mark on any photo to see the page(s) on which it has been placed.




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