Adding Additional Custom Pages

The first 2 custom pages are FREE but you can add as many as you want. The charge is $0.99 per two pages.

If you want to create the extra custom pages manually, follow these easy steps to add extra custom pages.

1. Log in and your child's name will be at the top of the main area of your homepage. Use the Kid Switcher if you want to add the extra custom pages for a different child. Select Edit Custom Pages.


2. Select Add Page.


3. Select from where you want to add the page.

Templates - Select this for page templates. You can filter by:

  • Personal Pages
  • Collage Pages
  • Activities/Events Pages
  • Blank Pages


My Pages - Select this if you have created a page and want to use it as a template.

    1. If you have created custom pages for more than one child, you can filter to see all the pages. (This is how you can add all of your children's custom pages to each others books.)
    2. You can find pages done in previous years.
    3. You can see and choose deleted pages.
    4. You can search for pages.


4. When you find the page spread you want to add, drag it over by pages 1-2. Click on the pages to edit. The extra custom pages will not print in your yearbook until purchased. Once you pay for the extra pages the $0.99 ribbon will change to a green check mark. You can pay for the yearbook and the extra custom pages by selecting BUY NOW.


5. If you have already paid for the yearbook, you will only be prompted to pay for the extra custom pages. If you have or are purchasing more than one book, the extra custom pages will be included in each book. You will be charged for the extra custom pages for each book.

If you have added extra custom pages but have not paid for all of them, if a paid page spread is deleted an additional custom page spread will move into the paid slot. All extra sets of custom pages must be paid for or they will not print in the yearbook.

Note: If you used Auto Builder for pages 1 and 2 and want to use it to automatically create the extra custom pages, select Build Pages and follow the steps.



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  • Avatar
    Teresa Perkins

    If our yearbooks have already been printed and shipped - can students be able to print off their signature pages or purchase them to insert into their books? I have students using this feature, but I just received their books. We cannot sign them in person so trying to find a way that they can still sign each other’s yearbook. If they could just purchase an “insert” page with their friends signatures would be a great option. Thank you

  • Avatar

    Hi Teresa - Thank you for the suggestion but currently we do not offer the option of printing only Signatures. A suggestion would be for parents to add all the signatures to custom pages and purchase a poster of those pages.