Your TreeRing Homepage

You've activated your account and are now on your TreeRing homepage (which is a new layout design). For all of you who have more than one child at a school, this new layout will make it easier for you to see which child's yearbook you are purchasing and creating custom pages.

A Kid Switcher has been added at the top of the page. This is where you select between your children.


Your homepage has a side navigation bar. From here you can select:

  1. Your Name - View your profile to edit your info, change your password and/or email, and set your notification preferences.
  2. Name of the School - More schools will be listed if you have children in more than one TreeRing school.
  3. Kid Yearbooks - Access your child's yearbook to purchase, create custom pages, buy a yearbook ad (if your school is allowing this), send and request Signatures.
  4. Photo Books - Create personal photo books (these books have no connection to the school yearbook). Check Out TreeRing Photo Books
  5. My Kids - See a list of your children, add and view memories, add and view photos, and edit their settings.
  6. My Photos - See all the photos you have uploaded and add more photos.
  7. My Likes - See all the photos you have "Liked".
  8. My Orders - View and cancel your orders.
  9. Logout - Log out of your account.


On the main area of your homepage you can:

  1. Buy a Yearbook - Select Add to Cart to begin the process to buy a yearbook for the current school year. (Scroll to view all the previous yearbooks for your child. Select Add to Cart to begin the process to buy a yearbook for a previous year.)
  2. Create Custom Pages - Select Build Custom Pages to create your child's custom pages.
  3. Buy a Yearbook Ad - This option is only available if your school is allowing ads.
  4. Signatures - Sign a Friend's Yearbook or Request a Signature. Signatures can be added to custom pages.
  5. Share Photos - Select Share Your Photos to see photos from your school community and to add shared photos of your own.






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  • Avatar
    Denise Downs

    Can you flip my picture-this is how they all loaded.

  • Avatar

    Hi Denise - I do not see your photos flipped. I have created a ticket so I can get more information from you on the issue.

  • Avatar
    Melissa Galloway

    I am unable to add my daughters high school to the profile in order to order her a yearbook. Please call or email. She needs to add kenai central high school.

  • Avatar

    Hi Melissa - Kenai Central High School has been added to your daughter. You can now log in and place an order for the yearbook. Here's how: