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Viewing My Orders

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  • Daniel Lee

    Where's my orders?

  • Daniel Lee

    Beginning of school year 2019-2020 I ordered two year books for Foxhollow elementary.
    August 30 I paid already. But I can't find the order?What happened?

  • Debbie

    Hi Daniel - I see that customer support has confirmed your order and if you want to view it, just follow the steps in this article.

  • Tanya Bowen

    I ordered a book on September 20th 2019 through Channing Hall, Order Number: 2212540. But I donโ€™t see my order on this site and canโ€™t customize any pages. Please tell me how I can find my order. Thank you!

  • Debbie

    Hi Tanya - You and your son have 2 different accounts with different emails. I will create a customer support ticket and assist you there.

  • Suzette Sankar

    The website had the academic years and grades mixed up for my daughters and I got the wrong yearbooks sent. I was on hold for over 30 minutes and then hung up on. I would really appreciate info on sending back the wrong books and getting the correct ones. Thanks!

  • Debbie

    Hi Suzette - I see that you have contacted customer support regarding this issue. I will assist you on your ticket.

  • Candice Snure

    My daughter's school ordered yearbooks this year from y'all (2019-2020). - It's her very first yearbook. I made sure to order the hard cover to make sure it'll last her and stay nice, not bending, or fading away. But, when it was delivered to my door the package was really bent at the bottom. Almost in a 'L' shape. We paid it no mind, as she was so excited to finally get it after being out of school since March because of Covid-19. I figured it was only the packaging bent and the book was up above the bend. But, upon opening it we realized the whole book was bent. It's so bent that it has lifted, and wrinkled the paper and cover photo on the front and back. With very thick&long spots of the cover that are bubbled up. The book is permanently bent and permanently messed up.. My daughter's so upset, as am I because I specifically ordered the hard cover so it would stay nice, and last her, but this for sure is not going to last long. Eventually the bend will get weaker and break. It seems if it was the mail who bent it it would have been bent the entire trip because it's bad! So, I'm not exactly sure what to do, am I going to have to repurchase ANOTHER year book and hope and pray this one comes in good condition? You should have something on the package stating it should not be bent! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Š

  • Debbie

    Hi Candice - I'm sorry that your daughter's yearbook was not in perfect condition when you received it. I will create a ticket for you in our customer support system so that we can work with you to get her a new book.

  • Tami Haycock

    Cannot find My Orders???

  • Debbie

    Hi Tami - This article is the right place for you to see how you can find your order. I am able to see your order in your account. You will need to log into your account using the email and password you used when you set up your account.