Step by Step Guide and Video to Uploading Private and Shared Photos for Parents & Students



The first step in adding photos to custom pages is uploading the photos to TreeRing. You can begin the photo upload process from different locations when logged into your account.

Uploading Photos in My Photos

1. Log in and select My Photos in the side navigation bar.


2. Select where you want to upload the photos. (You can also just select Add Photos on this screen to begin the process.)

  • My Private Photos - only you will be able to see and use these photos
  • My Shared Photos - these photos will be seen and available for use by the school community
  • All My Photos - any photo you have uploaded (private or shared) will be here


3. Once you have selected the photo folder, select Add Photos.


4. Drag and drop your photo or select a photo source where the photo is saved.

  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • My Computer


Note:  On your computer you can select more than one photo by holding down the Control key for a PC or the Command key for a Mac when selecting the photos.

5. Once you find and select the photo, decide if you want to share the photo with your school. Select Yes - I want to share if you want the photo to be uploaded to a shared folder. Select No - Keep 'em private if you do not want anyone else to see or use your photo.


6. Yes, I want to share will take you to folder options. Select the folder where the photo should be uploaded and select Add Photo.


7. You can tag your child, add a caption to the photo, see the photo details, and delete the photo. Select Close when you are done.

Note:  If you tag your child, the editors creating the yearbook will be able to search your child's name to find their photos. This helps the editors when trying to include all students in the yearbook.


8. No, keep 'em private will not give you folder options and will take you straight to the completion box. You can tag your student, add a caption to the photo, see the photo details, and delete the photo. Select Close when you are done.


Uploading Photos to be Shared With the School

1. In the main area of your homepage, scroll down to Share Photos. This is where you will be able to see shared photos from your school community and add your own photos.


2. Select Share Your Photos.


3. In Shared Photos you can begin the photo uploading process 3 different ways:

  1. Add Photos (you will be able to select a particular Shared Folder for the photo during this process)
  2. Shared Photo Folders (for uploading to specific folders)
  3. All Shared Photos (you will be able to select a particular Shared Folder for the photo during this process)


Custom Pages

You can also upload photos when you are editing the custom pages.

1. Select Photos.


2. Photo Sources will open. Select your photo source. From this location you can add a blank photo frame to the custom pages.


Viewing Your Photos - After your photos have been uploaded, you will be able to see all of them in My Photos>All My Photos.


Note: To make it easier to find photos they can be filtered by Year, Show - photos Used or Unused on custom pages and Sort - Uploaded Date or Date Taken.




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    Buckshot Floyd

    How do I add pictures from my phone? It doesn’t show all the side bar just the top first one and it won’t scroll down is there a log in mode for phones? I want to add pictures taken by my phone.

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    Hi Buckshot - I see that you have contacted customer support and you were provided a Help Center article. Here is another article to use for uploading photos if you are using one of our mobile apps. Just scroll to Uploading Private Photos If you have more questions please reply to the email you received from customer support. Thanks!